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A while back I was invited to Roche Bros. to learn about their grocery delivery service as well as a new service called The Dinner Daily. The way founder Laurin Mills describes her grocery buying habits just about fits me to a t. We do one big grocery shop – without planning what any of our meals are going to be. Generally I pick the same few proteins and make the same 5 meals until we get sick of me cooking and go out to eat. And that was BEFORE kids. Throw kids into the mix and our grocery shopping trip that took 15 minutes before now takes 45 minutes because we have to get the “car” cart, someone’s pushing someone else, there’s always an “I want” request that involves something I’m definitely not putting in the cart….you get the picture. So we walk out with meat that I end up just throwing in the freezer and tons of snacks that won’t help me at mealtime (read: we should own stock in Goldfish and Stonyfield yogurts).

When Laurin started the company she wanted to have the meals be easy to prepare, they had to be healthy, the price of the meal had to be reasonable, and they had to be kid friendly. So how does the service work? You go on the website and you fill in your preferences: what size family are you trying to feed and where you like to shop. The website bases your weekly menu on your food preferences and what is on sale at your local market. Every week you get a weekly dinner plan with 5 dinner ideas delivered straight to your inbox. You can shop ahead or you can order your groceries online and have them delivered by your local grocery store (if available). Want even more savings? The website also links you to online coupons for the items you are shopping for that week.

You can print out your weekly menu and then print out your shopping list. So this way everything is easy and all in one spot, if you need lemon for 2 of the 5 recipes, it puts lemons on the list just once – can’t get any easier than that. Not cooking all of the recipes you got this week? You have the option to delete the ingredients you don’t need off your shopping list.

If you read my blog, you know I’m not much for cooking. So I headed over to Leah‘s house and we made a recipe together. We made a simple chicken dinner with orzo and a spinach salad. I was completely impressed at really how easy the recipe was to make. The chicken was flavorful and tender – even my kids would probably have eaten it, and the spinach salad and orzo were done in the blink of an eye.

Head over to The Dinner Daily website to get your 14 day free trial and see for yourself how you easy meal planning for the family can be.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary subscription to The Dinner Daily. All opinions are my own.

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