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I’ve got this thing with cheese. I was excited to go and photograph the 2017 Cheese Festival that took place in Somerville at the Armory. This was the 5th year that the event took place and there over a dozen cheese makers and pairing partners in attendance. The event was sold out and people of all ages attended. The cheese makers were on the first floor and the balcony and there were live demos on the stage and in the lower classrooms. So who were the cheesemakers?

Couët Farm & Fromagerie

Cricket Creek Farm

Dancing Goats Dairy

Foxboro Cheese

Grace Hill Farm

They Grey Barn and Farm

Great Hill Dairy

Mozzarella House

Robinson Farm

Shy Brothers Farm

Smith’s Country Cheese

Westfield Farm


Cream of the Crop Farm was a standout favorite of mine, and while they didn’t bring cheese, the drinkable yogurt was outstanding. I’m not generally a drinkable yogurt (or any yogurt for that matter) kind of gal, but this was smooth – really nice consistency with a good flavor. Now mango wouldn’t be my go to flavor to try – but I would actually have this on a regular basis – that’s how good I thought it was.

I really enjoyed Cricket Creek Farm’s cheese as well – not only do they have cute packaging, but they also make delicious cheese. Maggie’s Round is a sharp and bright cheese with citrus notes and the rustic rind adds earthy tones. Maggie’s Reserve is an extra aged version (12-16 months) of Maggie’s Round and has a robust flavor. The Tobasi won the 2016 Yankee Magazine Food Editors Choice Award – it just melts in your mouth. The Berkshire Bloom is a semi soft bloomy rind cheese that is similar to a Camabert.

In addition to the great cheese makers, they had pairing partners in attendance, including: Aaronap Cellars, Dove and Figs, Follow the Honey, our friends Fox Point Pickling Company, Nashoba Brook Bakery, New England Charcuterie, Notch Brewing, Sweet Lydia’s and Westport Rivers Winery.

What can you expect on stage for demos? Mozzarella stretching, butter churning, cheese rolling, a history of early American cheesemaking and an ode to the Mammoth cheese.

If you’re interested in attending next year, make sure to keep your eyes open for when tickets go on sale for next year. See the Massachusetts Cheese Festival website here.

Want more information on how to support local cheesemakers? Check out the MA Cheese Guild website here.

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