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I had been wanting to try honeygrow for quite some time now. A few months back, Leah and I were in the Seaport and we were going to get some takeout after we went to Babbo for lunch. By the time we got out from lunch, the line at honeygrow was around the store, outside, and down the street – so we resolved to go another time.

We headed out to the Fenway location, and it was much less crowded. When you walk in you are greeted by terminals where you place your order. Choose from their suggested pairings or create your own. I went with the sesame garlic stir fry with egg white noodles – it came with naturally raised beef, mushrooms, broccoli, scallions, and sesame seeds. For the kids, I ordered egg white noodles with a bunch of veggies and they were happy as can be.

The fast casual concept for restaurants is on the rise – pick your base: egg white noodles, whole wheat noodles, brown rice or lettuce cups. Choose a sauce: spicy garlic, sweet soy five spice, sesame garlic, red coconut curry, or roasted garlic tahini. Proteins include: roasted spicy tofu, cage free eggs, all natural roast pork, all natural roast chicken, naturally raised beef, roasted shrimp or togarashi spicy turkey. Throw on your favorite veggies and you have your perfect lunch. honeygrow might be my favorite of all the new fast casual options – I gobbled this all up!

For dessert, make your own, using fresh fruit, honey, and house made whipped cream. Choose from strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, apples, bananas, and other seasonal fruits. Top with coconut shavings, dark chocolate chips, granola or local plain yogurt. I loved the wildflower honey, but you could certainly go with the buckwheat or the clover. It almost makes you feel good about dessert!

The restaurant is basically self serve – you order at the terminals, find a table, and go to the counter to get your food when your number is called. There were people floating around at the terminals if you needed help with ordering and people in the seating area helping out with cleaning up. The room is spacious and got some great light from the floor to celling windows in front. Parking can be found on the street at meters.


1282 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

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New to the Seaport  is Mastro’s Ocean Club, a steakhouse chain with locations in AZ, CA, FL, IL, NV, NY, and TX. We decided to go out with two other couples that I have known since high school. Just a fun excuse to get a little dressed up and out of the house with no kids! We arrive a bit early and wait at their enormous bar in the front of the restaurant. The tables are beautifully set and the room is one open floor plan with a separate private dining space in the back. I like steak as much as the next person, but feel like steak houses are where you might go if you wanted to impress a client for work. For the money, I think I could get a better meal elsewhere – but again, just my opinion. Appetizers are in the $20 range, while steaks will run anywhere from $45-$62. Sides are in the $12 range with a few more expensive options such as the lobster mashed potatoes and the Alaskan King Crab black truffle gnocchi.

We started with a half dozen oysters – lovely presentation, but a bit too sandy for our taste and for the price.  Other appetizer options on the menu include: shrimp cocktail,  lobster cocktail, king crab claws, caviar, smoked salmon, fried calamari and sautéed sea scallops. They also have a sushi selection – we ordered the jalapeño tuna sashimi, beautifully presented – almost like a layer cake.

Service was definitely attentive, we had one head server and a handful of others that were always close by for anything we might need. We had a good laugh at a the table when my friend was asking about the steaks. Our server mentioned that it was grass fed beef and she thought he had said it was breast fed beef (she couldn’t imagine how that worked…) – guess you had to be there 😉

I ordered the huge 22oz bone in rib eye which was cooked perfectly. The steaks were brought to the table and the servers helped serve the sides. I just feel like for over $50 for my entree, my plate should be wiped before it comes out – it just looked sloppy for the restaurant.  For sides we ordered the gnocchi, the Brussels sprouts, and the sugar snap peas. The gnocchi was rich and carbs were definitely needed for this meal. My favorite were the sugar snap peas, crisp as can be!

Even though I felt stuffed from the enormous amount of meat we just consumed (I even brought some home), of course we had to get some dessert. Mastro’s is known for their signature warm butter cake – and let me tell you, it’s magical. I found this recipe online for a copycat recipe from Savvy in the Kitchen and can’t wait to see how it compares! Let me tell you, with one bite you can just tell that there is a ton of butter in this cake – it is so rich in flavor!

We also ordered the key lime pie – an enormous slice with that delicious crumb crust – tart and sweet, perfectly balanced and a great way to end the meal.

We had a reservation at 6pm and stayed until about 8 – our waiter asked us politely if he could help us with our valet tickets (hint, hint). The restaurant at 8pm was definitely bustling – if you want a peak time reservation, it would be in your best interest to make reservations in advance.

Mastro’s Ocean Club

25 Fan Pier Boulevard, at 22 Liberty Boston, Boston, MA

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I have tons of memories of late night eating at IHOP in my college days – the one that used to be open in Kenmore Square and then the one that was on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton. Such a novelty to be able to go somewhere at 3am and help cure those cravings.

They recently opened an IHOP on Route 9 in Framingham. Every time I drive by on the weekends, it’s packed, with a line out the door. I figured it was new, so it must be shiny and clean on the inside. My kids had been begging for pancakes one night, so I caved and we went. Early bird dinner hour was pretty quiet, just a few other families in there with us. I feel like IHOP is one of those places that you never want to see with the lights on….kind of like your favorite bar. Do you really want to see what goes on “behind the curtain”? With more people working there than actual customers, you would think that the place would be super clean – but there were wrappers and food under the tables and finished plates waiting to be cleared from empty tables.

Let’s move on to the food. The buttermilk pancakes are pretty good – I mean, how can you mess those up right? As for the specialty pancakes, let me tell you that they don’t look anything like the pictures on the menu (but did I think they really would?). That photo on the bottom right, red velvet waffles. Hint, they weren’t even red. They offer some good combo meals where you can get eggs, pancakes, meat and potatoes. If you’re over 55, you can get some good deals as well, with entrees coming in at $5-$7.

On our recent trip there, we ordered meals for the kids – the meals come with unlimited drinks – so I ordered a hot chocolate for them. Meanwhile, when the bill came, I was charged $3. I asked the server about it, and he said, “oh well, I gave you a large and that’s why I charged you”. My feeling is, yes, but if my kid had three hot chocolates, it would be the same size as your ‘large’ and you shouldn’t charge me for it since it comes with the meal. He didn’t seem to understand and I wasn’t going to fight him over $3, but it seemed a little shady.

Parking is conveniently located in a lot out front. Service is “acceptable” at best, but don’t go in if you are in a rush.

IHOP Framingham

17 Edgell Road, Framigham, MA

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Lately I’ve been a home-body. I’ve been cooking up big batch meals so I don’t have to cook every night, and to be honest, we have been eating out a lot too – I’m just tired by the end of the day, aren’t you?

In my head, winter should be over – I mean, we have had the big snow, it has been a frozen tundra, and just recently I was able to see grass again. Isn’t February the longest month? It’s around this time when I get a little stir crazy and need a vacation. Hopefully all this snow we just got will melt on Tuesday when it’s 60 degrees out.

I’m all about quick and easy – so these cute little single serve Key lime pies have been pretty popular in my house these days.  They are sweet and tart, and just bring a little brightness to this winter. I like Key Lime pies because they are 3 ingredients and take no time at all to make. I use Nelly and Joe’s Key West Lime juice (I may have even picked it up at Bed Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon). Here’s the recipe, super easy:

14oz can of sweetened condensed milk

3 egg yolks (don’t use the whites)

1/2 cup of Key West lime juice

Directions: Mix all ingredients together until smooth. Pour filling into pre-made graham cracker pie shells. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Let stand for 10 minutes before placing in refrigerating.

Viola! Done. Take out and top with whipped cream and sprinkle with a little lime zest and you have yourself one fancy looking, it looks like I spent all day in the kitchen, dessert.


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Mom Nonmi is Chef Chris Chung’s latest venture in Cambridge. You may know him from his time at Clio and Uni, or even his most recent (now closed) restaurant, AKA Bistro in Lincoln. Momi Nonmi is a modern Izakaya and features lots of gluten free options. Leah, Fiona and I decided to meet for lunch one day and we wanted to try one of everything on the menu! Above is the shokado bento ($29) that is a sampling of 9 different creations. It changes daily, sometimes hourly, depending on what is fresh. How beautiful is the presentation?

The wagyu dumplings were as delicious as can be. Sukiyaki consume, mushroom and daikon.

The deconstructed oyako dip was amazing (bottom in the middle). The chicken was fried perfection and it was served with a poached egg and onion.

Momi Nonmi is open for lunch on Fridays and for brunch on both days of the weekend. Late night service is offered Thursday – Saturday. Parking is on the street at meters. The restaurant is on the smaller side, reservations for peak times would probably be a good idea.

Momi Nonmi

1128 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA

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My friend, and fellow blogger, Niri told me about this place Nzuko a while back and I had been meaning to get there for some time. You would probably drive right past it if you didn’t know about it, it’s in a strip mall, sandwiched between a pizza place and a bagel shop. Nzuko brings influences from the Mediterranean and Carribean and uses super fresh ingredients.

They offer a bunch of vegan options (that my friend Nancy’s daughter would be a fan of) as well as a nice selection of kebab options, fresh salads and wraps. Many choices are organic or gluten free. I was debating about the chicken options (see below), but ultimately went with the vegetable stir fry option (topped with an egg of course). How super healthy of me – who dis?

Nzuko Chicken

Chicken marinated in Lolo’s unique spice blend with a tomato and red wine aroma

Jerk Chicken

Jerk spiced chicken arousing Caribbean vibes

Curry Chicken

Chicken marinated in turmeric and curry seasoning

Chicken Kebab Plate *New*

Chicken kebab on a bed of salad paired with pita bread + Dinner Kebab Plate comes with two kebabs

Yaya’s Chicken *New*

Lightly healthy-crusted baked chicken with a Greek touch (Limited Item)

I’m sure I will be back to try them out – everything on the menu sounded quite tasty. For the main entrees, lunch is served with rice and two plantains. Dinner portions include rice, three plantains and veggies. Service was excellent, the woman at the register talked us through the options and made some good suggestions (oh that mushroom rice). We basically had the place to ourselves for an early lunch – although it started to get a bit more crowded as we were leaving.


341 Cochituate Road, Framingham, MA

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When my cousin said she wanted to come for a visit a few weeks ago, I was pretty excited. It’s feels like a long time since I’ve gone to an “adult” restaurant. Mostly, we are regulars at Panera and I often can be found finishing off a bowl of mac and cheese – not very glamorous or gourmet! She’s from NYC, where there are a dozen great restaurants on every block, so I wanted to bring her out to some good places in suburbia. I think that the hardest transition for me from the city to the suburbs is the lack of really good ethnic food – maybe I’m just not looking in the right places (let me know your favorite spots!). To be honest, I still kind of miss having Anna’s around the block too – shh…don’t tell anyone.

So we headed out to dinner, sans children, for a night of sushi deliciousness. Chef Kung San trained in NY at the popular Nobu before he and his bother opened Oishii’s Boston location in 1998. The success of the Boston outpost led to the Sudbury location’s opening and later the sushi bar in Chestnut Hill. While you are in the suburbs, the food quality feels like you are in the city. Not being able to eat sushi at the moment is tough, so I had to go with some cooked options – the lobster roll, the mushroom roll and the shrimp tempura. My cousin went with the tempura plate that came with shrimp and a really nice selection of vegetables. I’d had to say that my favorite was the mushroom sushi – really flavorful, I almost didn’t miss the real thing…

Parking is conveniently located in the lot out back and service was friendly and attentive.

Oishii Too

365 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA

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A lot of memories from my childhood are around food. On the weekends I would look forward to going to Eagerman’s Bakery on Route 9 in Natick.  My dad would get his danish and he would get me a half pound of their delicious butter cookies (I only liked the ones with Jimmy’s – because yes, they tasted different). I would devour them in the car, barely leaving any for when we got home. Eagerman’s was an old school bakery, and when I walked into Crown Bakery in Worcester, I felt that same old, familiar feeling. While I know that no butter cookie will compare to the memory I have of the ones from Eagerman’s, I decided to pick out a few new treats to try. The heart dessert in the top right corner was filled with cut art and the lemon bar on the bottom right was tart as could be. I tried their signature crown cake, a nice gentleman recommended them while he was waiting, and it was delicious.

Here’s a photo of what it looks like inside – an almond cake with a cherry on the bottom and it’s topped with powdered sugar. Classic flavors, and not too sweet, I could have had a dozen of these!

Service was helpful and friendly – and the prices were so good!

Have you been to Crown Bakery? What is your go – to sweet?

Crown Bakery

133 Gold Star Boulevard, Worcester, MA

Crown Bakery on Facebook

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My friend Kim is a big fan of Worcester, so when we decided to head out in that direction, she was my go-to woman for bakery recommendations. She suggested The Queen’s Cups bakery on Water Street – a from scratch cup-cakery. Drive slow down Water Street, the bakery comes up on you quickly. On second thought, find some on street parking at the meters and walk a few feet to the shop.

The cute shop has a small seating area so you can enjoy your goodies right away – and there are so many to choose from! Cakes, brownies, cupcakes, macarons, and these cute little cookie dough cones! Cupcakes will run you $3.35 each or 4 for $13.

Make sure to head over to their Facebook page to get a current list of flavors. Here is just a sampling: Pudgy Cake, Old Fashioned Wedding Cake, Coffee and Donuts, Cookie Dough,Vanilla Dirt Cup, Blueberry Pancakes with Bacon, Snickers, Lemon Lovers, Tropical Paradise, Cannoli, Cookie Crumb, Cotton Candy Milkshake, Matilda and Cookie, Red Velvet, Reese Pieces, Lemon Raspberry, Strawberry Brownie Batter.

I’d have to say that the blueberry pancakes were my favorite to look at (bottom right) and the cannoli was my favorite to eat!

The Queen’s Cups

56 Water Street, Worcester, MA

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We recently headed out to Worcester to check out a few shops and grab some breakfast at the Birch Tree Bread Co. See my previous post here. In the winter, the Canal District Farmers’ Market heads indoors to a room off of the Crompton Collective. Birch Tree Bread Co. is located right upstairs, so it was packed. We waited in a long line to order our breakfast sandwiches and then I went on the hunt for a seat. Seats are a on a first come basis, with many people sharing tables and grabbing any free corner they can find. I managed to score a corner of a large table in the back and we all waited for them to bring out our breakfast.

I had been before and tried their breads and desserts, but this time I went with something savory – the egg sandwich. The $6.50 sandwich is worth the price: North Country ham and Cabot extra sharp cheddar topped with a fried farm fresh egg on a bacon fat brioche bread. Birch Tree Bread Co’s menu includes other delicious breakfast items such as a rotating selection of toasts (Brittany’s toast is champagne and orange cream cheese with strawberry coulis on toasted challah!!), bread puddings (sweet and savory), quiches, and a nice selection of gourmet sandwiches. Make sure to add a specialty drink to your order, like a gin rickey or a bourbon hot apple cinnamon cider!

Birch Tree Bread Co.

138 Green Street, Worcester, MA


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