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If I could only eat one dish for the rest of my life, it would be pasta with Parmesan cheese. I was pumped when I was invited to the “From Wedge to Rind” event at Eataly with the Consorzio. The event was mainly cheesemongers and cheese writers. Me, I’m just a cheese lover. We were […]

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Spring is finally here!! I have already committed to storing away my winter clothes, so no doubt it will snow in May! So it means dining on patios, open toed shoes, maxi dresses and my favorite, picnics! Not a fan of the outdoors? You could easily do this on a porch (skip the bugs) or […]

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With Super Bowl 51 just around the corner I thought I would do a post on easy to make snacks for the game. My friends at Willow Tree Farm sent me over some of their chicken dips to get the party started. So no matter which team you are cheering for (ahem, the Patriots), you’re […]

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This year was the 5th annual Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. Here’s how it worked – you had to have a food blog and sign up for the cookie swap.¬†You make 3 dozen cookies and send a dozen to 3 bloggers. In return, 3 bloggers will send you a dozen cookies – so you end […]


We had so much fun this holiday season at my office. We had about 20 people in my office participate in a cookie swap! I think that I may be going through cookie withdrawal right now…but it was worth it. I thought I would share some of the recipes! Enjoy! Pecan Puffs Beat until fluffy: […]

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“I’ve eaten a lot of sophisticated food in my time, but I still love a good hot dog.” That’s how the book starts, in chapter 1, appropriately named “Passion”. Steve DiFillippo’s new book, It’s All About the Guest: Exceeding Expectations in Business and in Life the Davio’s Way, is a page turner. The book talks […]

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I went out last month and a friend made these for a party she was throwing. Super delicious, so simple to make. She mentioned that it was one of “Giada’s” recipes. So I immediately went home to try out a batch of my own. I couldn’t find baby peppers, so mine were a little bit […]


I saw this recipe on the food network. I made it twice and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out so well. It’s important to make sure to let the tart cool after you take it out of the oven, otherwise it will run all over the place. It’s so easy to make! I used […]


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