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Sometimes posts get away from me. I’ve been trying my best to catch up on them. Did you know that Worcester has a year round farmers’ market on Saturdays from 9am – 12pm. Bonus that it is next to Crompton Collective and Birch Tree Bread Company. Headed out there one Saturday in May (!!). We […]

If I could only eat one dish for the rest of my life, it would be pasta with Parmesan cheese. I was pumped when I was invited to the “From Wedge to Rind” event at Eataly with the Consorzio. The event was mainly cheesemongers and cheese writers. Me, I’m just a cheese lover. We were […]

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My parents just celebrated their 50th anniversary. My family was in town and we ended up throwing my parents a surprise party. The surprise was almost blown a few times, but my mom was surprised all the way up to the point where she opened my front door! Prep work for this party was a […]

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I’m always looking for fun places to take my family. Last week we went back to Kimball Farm (the first time we just had ice cream). They have four locations, Jaffrey, NH, Carlisle, Lancaster and Westford. The Westford location of Kimball Farm is the only location that has activities like mini golf, a soaring eagle […]

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Disclaimer:¬†¬†Address Verification¬†collaborated on this post. Boston is a great city, especially in the summer! Addressy contacted me to share my #postalcodepride and talk about why Boston is such a fun place. I love checking out cool new shops in Boston, just check out some of my Tuesday water cooler posts! But sometimes you just can’t […]

Sunday night I had my favorite kind of tasting menu…a 5 course dessert tasting! I was lucky enough to be a guest at Sugar Rush 2017, the creation of Jaime Schick – the talented pastry chef that has worked at places like No. 9 Park and Deuxave. She is in her fifth year of running […]

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Photo provided by Agency 451 I’m excited for Sunday! What?! Yup, you heard that right. No, I’m not looking forward to Monday. Leah and I are going to Harvest’s Cookbook Series dinner, featuring Battersby Chef and Author, Walker Stern. Since I’m probably not doing any traveling any time soon, I’m pretty pumped to be able […]

I thought I would start the summer with a “Tuesday Water Cooler” series. I’m sharing with you what we did on the weekend (I need Monday to put together the post). So this was two weekends ago, but we did yard work this past weekend, and I’m sure you don’t want to see pictures of […]

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As a stay at home mom, sometimes I crawl the walls and need to get out of the house. Here are some things that I’ve found in the Metro West area that will keep you sane and the kids entertained. Oh, and bonus points because they’re free! On Sunday nights at The Villa restaurant in […]

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About a week ago I was invited to check out the newest baby gear at Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Ever. If I were a first time mom, this would be a great resource (and it is a great resource even if this isn’t your first rodeo). As a veteran mom, it was fun […]

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