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When I was a kid we would drive by the Wonder Bread factory and just smell that delicious bread in the air (and stop in to buy those fruit pies). The factory is no longer, but I still swoon over the smell of bread. Located in Davis Square, this cute shop sells the most wonderful […]

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This week is all about sweets! Head over to Cutty’s in Brookline on Fridays and Saturdays (starting at 8ish) to grab some delicious treats from Breadboard Bakery. Leah and I had been dying to try the cinnaknots which were good, they weren’t too sweet! Daisy Chow is the talent behind Breadboard Bakery, who started off […]

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Our plan: meet up at Hi Rise Bread Company on Mass. Ave and go out for ice cream afterwards. I had been wanting to try Honeycomb Creamery for so long, and get my hands on those rose gummy bears I had been seeing all over Instagram. What really happened: we showed up to Hi Rise, my […]

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The Concord Ave. location of Hi Rise Bread Company is the original location. Patrons can watch breads and pastries being made in the open kitchen, pick up beer and wine or even grab dinner to go (fresh or frozen). There’s a great communal table here as well as some smaller tables by the window. It’s […]

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Located just past the Wayside Inn, AJ Cakes is a new (ish) bakery located just over the line in Marlborough. While the majority of Ashley Miller’s business is in custom cakes and pastries, they do have a great pastry case that is filled with lots of goodies. Selections change often, but you can usually find […]

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I always enjoyed Iggy’s bread when I bought it at the store. I didn’t realize they have their own little shop over in Cambridge. It’s out of the way, and not super obvious to find, I drove by two or three times before I figured out where the lot was. Call me directionally challenged. Iggy’s sells […]

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Leah introduced me to Praliné a while back, and I almost wished she hadn’t. The French bakery puts out some of the most amazing desserts I’ve had. It’s a good thing that it isn’t closer to me, otherwise I might be 50 pounds heavier and broke. The lemon tart is sweet and tart, a fresh clean […]

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I always like to try and find new and delicious places to eat. I came across Nashoba Brook Bakery one day and was completely impressed. Don’t ask me how I cam about it, because you can’t really see it from the main road, yup I drove by a few times before finding it and even […]

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Sure, you know Mike’s and you know Modern, but do you know about Bova’s Bakery in the North End? It’s a little off the beaten path compared to the other two but it is equally as delicious. Bova’s has been family owned and operated since 1932 – they make delicious desserts and fresh breads. Not […]

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I had mentioned to a friend that I was going to Watertown to look at dining room tables. When I told her where it was, she asked me if I was going to the Danish Pastry House. I had seen the Danish Pastry House selling their sweet treats at local farmers markets, but didn’t know that […]

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