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A lifestyle blog with a focus on my food adventures

A while back I was treated to an afternoon at Roche Bros. to check out their new delivery service and to learn more about The Dinner Daily.

Roche Bros. recently changed the company that they get their sushi from, and it was delicious – it will change the way you think about grocery store sushi. We sampled some of the sides from the prepared foods case and had some of their tasty rotisserie chicken.

The Millis store has a great little sitting area with tables and chairs, a great place to have a breakfast meeting or grab a quick bite to eat.

What I was impressed by were these new prepared meals that you MAKE IN THE MICROWAVE!! So basically a Lean Cuisine, but with much better ingredients and things that you would actually want to eat. They are prepared fresh daily and you can choose from vegetarian options, fish, meat or chicken. The prices are pretty affordable – seriously, check these meals out (generally they are located near the meat case).

I always knew that Roche Bros. delivered – but we got to see first hand how your order is collected. A REAL person picks out your groceries, and they pick it from your local store (you’re not getting food from a warehouse). My biggest peeve when ordering delivered groceries is that the produce isn’t what I would normally pick out for myself. Often times when I would order from another company that I will not name, the bananas would come bruised or the avocados were rock hard. At Roche Bros. you can write specific comments about each of the items that you order, ie. pick green bananas or avocados that are a day away from being ripe and they try their best to accommodate your requests. You can also say if you want to allow substitutions on your items that might be out of stock.

Head over to the Roche Bros. website to see if you live within delivery range!