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imag1907Last week we had a cookie swap at work and while they were all great, here are some of my top picks! These reindeer cookies definitely got the “cutest cookie” award!

imag1911I generally bake for the cookie swap, but this year it just got away from me. So I decided to do my very popular chocolate covered oreos, which were a big hit. Melt chocolate in a double boiler on the stove (I use a saucepot with about 2 inches of water with a heat safe bowl on top). Heat up on low and stir frequently to make sure that the chocolate is smooth. When the chocolate is melted begin to dip your oreos. When the cookies are completely covered in chocolate, place on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper to let cook. Decorate with any sprinkles you like.

imag1918And another classic and favorite in the office was the peanut butter balls:

Peanut Butter Balls

13 oz. Peanut Butter
1 stick of butter, softened
1 lb. of confectioners’ sugar (I add in to taste preference and consistency – just need it to form balls)
16 oz. Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate

Mix peanut butter and butter in a bowl until smooth and creamy. Add confectioners’ sugar and mix until combined. Roll one inch balls and set on a nonstick baking sheet. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Melt chocolate in a small bowl. Using a spoon drop one ball in at a time to coat then place back on baking sheet. Refrigerate until chocolate has hardened. Keep refrigerated until serving.

What’s your favorite cookie recipe?

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IMG_7653Our last stop on the NY macaron tour is La Maison du Macaron. You are immediately drawn in by all the bright colors of the macarons in the case! They come in delicious flavors like: pistachio, cranberry, lemon and raspberry. 6 macarons will cost you $17.

IMG_7656Other interesting flavors include: lime, nougat lavender, mango licorice, cassis and apricot champagne. La Maison du Macaron has created over 150 different flavors of macarons, at least 20 flavors are in the case daily. These are delicious, light and airy, they melt in your mouth.

What is your go to flavor for macarons?

La Maison du Macaron

132 W 23rd St., New York, NY

La Maison du Macaron on Urbanspoon

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imag1686On my last day in New York we decided to head out to the Ace Hotel for breakfast at the Breslin. The wait was about 45 minutes, so we make our way out to the lobby to grab a cup of coffee at Stumptown coffee. It’s hard to find a seat in the lobby, as we are surrounded by hipsters and tourists lounging on the couches and using the free wifi.

imag1687I had the raspberry & cornmeal pancakes with raspberry butter ($17). The pancakes were tasty, but for $17, I expected a little more.

imag1690We also had the fried peanut butter & banana sandwich with bourbon & vanilla ($11) which was the favorite of the day – something a little different!

What’s your favorite dish at The Breslin?

The Breslin

16 W 29th Street, New York, NY

The Breslin on Urbanspoon

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Have you heard of a new site called Dunwello? It’s a great site where you can review professionals – from your hairdresser to your yoga instructor. Here are 4 ladies in the Boston area that I can’t live without: 2014-12-16 21 19 30I have been seeing Katie for over a decade for massage. I started seeing her when she had a private practice and she has since moved over to Corbu Spa in Harvard Square. See my full review here. 2014-12-16 21 20 4I have two ladies here, Tam for the best pedi around and Rikki for waxing – both are located out of Miniluxe’s Newton location. See my full review on Tam here. See my full review of Rikki here. 2014-12-16 21 20 40And last but certainly not least, Ingrid at Jean Pierre on Newbury Street. See my full review here.


imag1937Wishing you all a happy holiday season!

IMG_3456Another buried post from the past. Market is located in the financial district tucked away in a corner on Broad Street. We stopped over one night for a company happy hour.

IMG_3457They have a great back room with a lot of open space – perfect for the size group we had. While the weeknight after work crowd stuck mainly to the front room, we had the back to ourselves.


This was a great option for casual after work drinks – the decor has a rustic charm to it with bits of modern flair thrown in.

Where’s your go to after work bar?


21 Broad Street, Boston, MA

Market on Urbanspoon

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IMG_4069Now that the year is coming to a close, I am looking through all of my old drafts that I never got around to writing/posting. I had originally written about Park and decided to wait on this post because it was too soon to write about it again…and then it got buried under a mountain of other posts. So bear with me, I’ll try to remember as best I can.

IMG_4074How do you pass up a dish called “bacon 3 way”? ($12) This app features pork belly with black pepper and piperade; roasted garlic, bacn jam, and pickled shimeji mushrooms; and brown sugar bacon, Buffalo brussels and local blue cheese.

IMG_4077The crab cake I think, which is no longer on the menu.

IMG_4078The gnocchi, also not on the current menu, was delicious – I loved the dumplings but found myself eating around the veggies. The winter veggies were good, but the dumplings were the star of the dish for me!

IMG_4079We also ordered the brisket (not on the current menu) ($19) served with white bean cassoulet, and caramelized vegetables. The meat was tender and the winter vegetables were a nice, healthy addition to the meal.

IMG_4080The salmon with Brussels sprouts was a light and healthy option. I’m just not  a salmon kind of gal :)

IMG_4082Apple Upside-down Cake ($7) served with apple butter and cinnamon ice cream for us all to split – I couldn’t get enough of this dessert!


59 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Park on Urbanspoon

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imag1904I had been to Cafe de Boston last year (see my previous review here) but barely recognized it when I went back last week. I honestly thought this was a different location. In my holiday induced (overwhelmed) haze, I had come in a different entrance and the place looked so much bigger and brighter. Cafe de Boston has taken over the space next door and made it a great seating area. Every seat at the bar has an outlet under the counter so that you can recharge while you eat lunch. In the main room there’s a great signpost directing you to your lunch of choice.

imag1902Some recent new additions to the space include an amazing Mediterranean yogurt bar where you can design your own Greek yogurt parfait. Add fruit, cereal, even hot sauce if that strikes your fancy.

imag1900The thing that really caught my eye was the create your own smoothie. Choose your frozen yogurt, choose your fruit and/or veggies, and choose your juice – bring it to the cashier and they blend you up your custom smoothie. $7.95 gets you 24oz.

image (3)What else can you find at Cafe de Boston? Pizza (over 10 choices), a pasta station, a crepe station, kebabs, a salad bar and a hot food bar. If you come in after 2:30, anything left at the hot bar is discounted. And did you know that in the morning they have a breakfast bar? Not only can you get a breakfast sandwich and your first (or second) cup of coffee, but you can also grab some scrambled eggs and bacon from the buffet.

imag1901Their dessert case has over a dozen choices, and if you like the cakes, you can buy them by the slice or pick up a whole cake for that office birthday. Owner Levent Berksan has done a great job with the space, there really is something for everything.

image (2)Here’s another thing you might not know about Cafe de Boston: they have a conference room available upstairs. You can order lunch ahead of time or have people pick out their lunch when they get there. The room is available for an hour to up to the whole day. Feel like just having them cater to your office? Give Joseph a call and he will take good care of you!

Disclaimer: I was invited to Cafe de Boston and they provided me with a complimentary lunch. All opinions are my own.

Cafe de Boston

75 Federal Street, Boston, MA

Cafe de Boston on Urbanspoon

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Reserve 10Guests gathered together on Monday night at the WeWork in Fort Point at an event sponsored by General Assembly and Reserve.

Reserve 2Light bites were provided as guests stopped down into the Dugout.

Reserve 1Charcuterie provided by Tavern Road.

Reserve 3Travis Kirk Lowry, restaurant operations manager at Reserve, was recently recognized by Zagat in their 30 under 30 rockstar roundup.

Reserve 4Special guest bartender Tenzin from Trade mixing up some specialty cocktails.

Reserve 17

Welcome Winter Toast

1 oz of GrandTen Wireworks gin.
1 oz cranberry orange syrup
.5 oz Elder flower Liquor
.5 oz lime
Topped with bubbles

Reserve 5

Hawaiian shirt #tiki:

1.5 oz Privateer Silver reserve rum
.75 oz Hibiscus liqueur
1 oz Pineapple
.5 oz pom juice
6 mint leaves
A drop of Bittermens Boston

Reserve 6Guests included fellow WeWork members, friends of Reserve and friends of General Assembly.

Reserve 7Haven’t heard of Reserve yet? It’s your new personal dining concierge brought to you by the people who brought you Uber. Here’s the low down: download the app from iTunes (it’s only available for the iPhone at the moment). You add in your credit card information and your desired tip and you are ready to start booking! It’s so easy to use!

Reserve 8Check out my dining experience at Liquid Art House with Reserve here.

Reserve 9Center, Devin of popular Twitter handle OnlyinBOS

Reserve 11Maddie showing guests how to download the Reserve app.

Reserve 12Tea Break : Black Tea infused whiskey cocktail

1 oz Rittenhouse Rye
1 oz Fourroses Bourbon
.5 oz Campari
.5 oz Elder Flower liquor

Reserve 13Recent Zagat 30 under 30 winner Jeff Gabel of Kitchen Kibbitz

Reserve 14Nolan DeCoster of Reserve.

Reserve 15General Assembly is located at 51 Melcher Street in the WeWork building. They offer full and part time courses, classes and workshops.

Reserve 16Have an Android? Bummed that Reserve is only for iPhone users at the moment? Don’t sweat it, add your name to the waiting list and be the first to hear when it becomes available here.

Reserve 18Maddie Bergier, Marketing Manager at Reserve.


For more information about General Assembly, Reserve or WeWork, click the links below.



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Good Ones 1Guests gathered together December 12th at Bee’s Knees Supply Company in Fort Point for one powerful hour of networking with the #TheGoodOnes.

Sara Gragnolati, founder of Cocomama; Kit (Caitlin) Hickey, co-founder of Ministry of Supply ; Sonny Saggese; Carolyn Kim, co-founder of the Good Ones.

Good Ones 13DRINKmaple was a sponsor at the event and one of the co-founders, Kate, was a featured guest.

Good Ones 2Alec Harrison, co-founder of Grafton Studio; Kate Weiler, co-founder of DRINKmaple; Jeff Rose, co-founder of DRINKmaple.

Good Ones 8The dress for the event was plaid, be it a skirt, a shirt, a scarf or a full outfit!

Good Ones 7Shiela Erimez, Art Director at Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Good Ones 6Alexis Hyder, Director, Strategic Business Development, ICIC; Featured guest Lauren Abda, Managing Director, The Food Loft; Jennifer Brooke, co-founder of the Good Ones.

Good Ones 4In addition to light refreshments, guests were treated to a wine and beer sampling.

Good Ones 3There were a lot of new faces at this event. Those that live outside the city tend to have a harder time attending the evening events, so this lunch time power hour was the perfect opportunity for them to meet other Good Ones!

Good Ones 15Alec Harrison, co-founder of Grafton Studio; Maddie Bergier, Marketing Manager at Reserve

Good Ones 12Lunches were provided and taken to go so that there would be maximum time to socialize.

Good Ones 11Lunch options included:

Black Pepper Turkey & Sopressata Salami Sandwich – Cheddar, House Garlic Aioli on Ciabatta
Italian Sandwich – Mortadella, Spicy & Sweet Coppa, Provolone, Olive Oil & Balsamic on a Baguette
Vegetarian Wrap – House Made Hummus, Cucumber, Carrot, Onion, Bibb Lettuce & Tomato in a White Tortilla
Pulled Chicken Breast Sandwich – Macadamia Butter, Macerated Cherries, Golden Rasins, Red Onion on Sourdough
Fig & Walnut Salad – Mixed Greens, Fresh Figs, Roasted Walnuts, Blue Cheese, Cherry Vinaigrette

Good Ones 10Chris Welter, of Cocomama Foods was at the event sampling two flavors of their Crunched Out cereal.

Good Ones 5Never been to Bee’s Knees? It’s a great shop that is part market, part deli, part coffee shop and part bakery. Pick up some farmstead cheese and charcuterie, a sandwich or smoothie for lunch, a bottle of wine and some dinner to bring home or stay for a coffee and a sweet.

For an invitation to future Good Ones events, fill out your personality snapshot here:

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