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On our way up to Freeport, we stopped in Portland to grab a bite to eat. To be honest, we were trying to get into Duckfat, but the wait was 45 minutes….so we headed over to the Two Fat Cats bakery instead. I just love the name!

I have to say….there is just something nice about Maine. The people…the places…it’s refreshing. So this cute little bakery had the most delicious smells coming out of it. We picked up a ton of goodies for about $20, what a steal!

Look at THAT home made pie….oh my goodness! We waited (barely) until we got home to dig into this beauty, but man was it good! Really nice flaky crust and the berries…YUM is all I can say.

I can’t remember the name of these cookies, they were something like chocolate walnut drops….but man…were they good. I am dreaming/salivating about them to this day! They were basically like brownie cookies….

All the other ladies in line ahead of us had pre ordered whoopie pies….so I figured that I HAD to try one. Whoopies aren’t usually my thing, but hey, when you’re in Maine, do like the locals. The whoopie is the official state treat after all. The whoopie was so fresh, so moist, and so light…I could totally see why people were calling ahead for these things!

Totally recommend stopping in if you are in the area-not only are the treats super tasty, but the people there are super nice!

Two Fat Cakes Bakery
47 India Street Portland, Maine 04101

Two Fat Cats on Urbanspoon

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