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My friend, and fellow blogger, Niri told me about this place Nzuko a while back and I had been meaning to get there for some time. You would probably drive right past it if you didn’t know about it, it’s in a strip mall, sandwiched between a pizza place and a bagel shop. Nzuko brings influences from the Mediterranean and Carribean and uses super fresh ingredients.

They offer a bunch of vegan options (that my friend Nancy’s daughter would be a fan of) as well as a nice selection of kebab options, fresh salads and wraps. Many choices are organic or gluten free. I was debating about the chicken options (see below), but ultimately went with the vegetable stir fry option (topped with an egg of course). How super healthy of me – who dis?

Nzuko Chicken

Chicken marinated in Lolo’s unique spice blend with a tomato and red wine aroma

Jerk Chicken

Jerk spiced chicken arousing Caribbean vibes

Curry Chicken

Chicken marinated in turmeric and curry seasoning

Chicken Kebab Plate *New*

Chicken kebab on a bed of salad paired with pita bread + Dinner Kebab Plate comes with two kebabs

Yaya’s Chicken *New*

Lightly healthy-crusted baked chicken with a Greek touch (Limited Item)

I’m sure I will be back to try them out – everything on the menu sounded quite tasty. For the main entrees, lunch is served with rice and two plantains. Dinner portions include rice, three plantains and veggies. Service was excellent, the woman at the register talked us through the options and made some good suggestions (oh that mushroom rice). We basically had the place to ourselves for an early lunch – although it started to get a bit more crowded as we were leaving.


341 Cochituate Road, Framingham, MA

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