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Located in Cambridge, a short walk from the Davis Square T station, is Spindler Confections, a local artisan candy shop.

They have a nice selection of chocolates, salted caramels, nut caramels, pate de fruits and brittles.

Did you know that they have classes? Class 1 is called Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! and you learn the basics of tempering chocolate, making fillings and capping molds. You get to take home the chocolates that you helped create! The second class they offer is called Crazy for Caramel where you learn how to make caramel from scratch. For safety purposes, the cooking portion is strictly a demo, but you’ll go home with about $25 worth of caramel! The caramel class is $50 per person and the chocolate class is $75 per person.

Now, about the subject at hand – party favors. Spindler offers customizable party favors – prices start at $2.25 for a 2 piece box.

I love the caramel pretzels but decided to try something new this time. I went with the six piece milk and dark assortment of nut butter cups.

Not pictured, I also picked up two white chocolate pistachio nut butter cups. I may or may not have eaten them so quickly I forgot to take a photo. These would be an excellent choice for a party favor, for a birthday party, wedding, or your next big event.

Spindler Confections

2257 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

Closed Mondays

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