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IMG_0133After enjoying my lunch at Piperi, I decided to stop in for dinner. It is much quieter at dinner time, and I kind of like that. Unfortunately I have missed Tim, the owner, I would have liked to have had a chance to chat with him.

IMG_0132Americo greets me as warmly as he did when I was there for lunch. He’s super sweet and even let’s me snap a few close up photos of the toppings (check out how amazing the colors are!)

IMG_0131Moroccan carrots, red cabbage slaw and white bean tabouleh.

IMG_0130Tomato relish and hummus.

IMG_0129Yum, check out the falafel!

IMG_0128A shot of that amazing juicy chicken. I tried to convince them to give me their secret, but I was unsuccessful.

IMG_0125They make all their gozi, their signature bread, in house. They make it the night before, allow the dough to rise and it is ready the next day.

IMG_0126The finished product: they use a tortilla press to make gozi.

IMG_0124I ordered a chicken mezze plate with olives, hummus and carrots.

IMG_0123A chicken gozi flat bread sandwich with carrots and feta cheese.

IMG_0122And another chicken gozi flat bread with cheddar cheese, white bean tabouleh, and carrots. I think I liked the gozi flat bread sandwich better than the straight mezze plate, the gozi makes all the difference. Stop on over to Piperi for a really great lunch or dinner experience.


One Beacon Street, Boston, MA

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