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I have tons of memories of late night eating at IHOP in my college days – the one that used to be open in Kenmore Square and then the one that was on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton. Such a novelty to be able to go somewhere at 3am and help cure those cravings.

They recently opened an IHOP on Route 9 in Framingham. Every time I drive by on the weekends, it’s packed, with a line out the door. I figured it was new, so it must be shiny and clean on the inside. My kids had been begging for pancakes one night, so I caved and we went. Early bird dinner hour was pretty quiet, just a few other families in there with us. I feel like IHOP is one of those places that you never want to see with the lights on….kind of like your favorite bar. Do you really want to see what goes on “behind the curtain”? With more people working there than actual customers, you would think that the place would be super clean – but there were wrappers and food under the tables and finished plates waiting to be cleared from empty tables.

Let’s move on to the food. The buttermilk pancakes are pretty good – I mean, how can you mess those up right? As for the specialty pancakes, let me tell you that they don’t look anything like the pictures on the menu (but did I think they really would?). That photo on the bottom right, red velvet waffles. Hint, they weren’t even red. They offer some good combo meals where you can get eggs, pancakes, meat and potatoes. If you’re over 55, you can get some good deals as well, with entrees coming in at $5-$7.

On our recent trip there, we ordered meals for the kids – the meals come with unlimited drinks – so I ordered a hot chocolate for them. Meanwhile, when the bill came, I was charged $3. I asked the server about it, and he said, “oh well, I gave you a large and that’s why I charged you”. My feeling is, yes, but if my kid had three hot chocolates, it would be the same size as your ‘large’ and you shouldn’t charge me for it since it comes with the meal. He didn’t seem to understand and I wasn’t going to fight him over $3, but it seemed a little shady.

Parking is conveniently located in a lot out front. Service is “acceptable” at best, but don’t go in if you are in a rush.

IHOP Framingham

17 Edgell Road, Framigham, MA

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