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Good news for suburbia. Whole Foods just opened a new location in Sudbury on Saturday. The enormous new market opened with a bang Рa bread breaking ceremony at 9:45 and the doors opening at 10. They gave out gift bags to the first 100 people in line, and I heard that by 9:25, there were already 100!!  They were also giving away 4 free tickets to the NKOTB concert that night. I had the pleasure of attending a preview a few days earlier, before all the crowds.

The new Whole Foods Sudbury has a Pressed Boston kiosk, where you can grab some juice or a tasty paletta; Clover, where you can grab a delicious falafel sandwich, a donut stand, a self serve mochi bar, and so much more. Did I mention you can get burritos and tacos? Yup, I’m going to be there like EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT!

My favorite thing by far was the self serve macaron bar. These tasty French treats shouldn’t be confused with the macaroon, two o’s, that are the tasty mounds of coconut.

Sushi donuts make it out to the sticks! You don’t have to go into the city to find these tasty treats. Originally I thought they might be overrated, but this was seriously delicious! Like foods that look like other foods, they have watermelon pizzas, fruit burgers and watermelon cakes too! Stop in and check them out. Let me know what you think!

  • Whole Foods Sudbury Exterior
  • Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Sudbury Whole Foods
  • Pressed Boston
  • Pressed Boston
  • Palettas at Pressed Boston - Flavors change seasonally
  • Fresh juice from Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Produce at Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Donut peaches from Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Grab some dinners to heat up at home
  • Macaron bar at Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Mochi bar at Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Burritos and tacos to take away at Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Clover has a location inside the Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Beauty section at Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Check out the soaps at Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Soap display at Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Children's section at Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Coffee at Whole Foods Sudbury
  • Bulk shopping at Whole Foods Sudbury

Whole Foods Sudbury

536 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA

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