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New City Microcreamery 2

New City Microcreamery is located just across the street from its sister restaurant Rail Trail Flatbread Co.  in Hudson. The year round ice cream shop has ample seating inside and a large patio outside for those warm summer nights. You may have seen Churn 2 in Harvard Square, which is similar, but New City Microcreamery is the first of its kind, making liquid nitrogen ice cream on a large scale.

new city 1

We were stuffed from our meal across the street, but as the walkway to New City says, there’s always room for dessert! In addition to selling ice cream, New City sells Counter Culture coffee, MEM tea, ZOOS Iced tea and a variety of delicious looking baked goods.

New City Microcreamery 3

New City Microcreamery has a rotating list of flavors ‘on tap’. They offer homemade ‘gravy’ which includes things like blackberry balsamic, strawberry jam and hot caramel. Their ‘funk’ are delicious toppings like brownie fumble, almond granola, sprinkles and my personal favorite ‘corny flaky junk’.

New City Microcreamery 1

All of the ice cream is made with the freshest ingredients. The liquid nitrogen helps to flash freeze the ice cream to give it a smoother feel to it. New City makes their ice cream base from scratch and they allow the flavors to steep overnight. The liquid nitrogen freezes the base at a temperature more than negative 300 degrees! When we were there with owner Karim, they were whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. We got a sample right out of the mixer, and it practically melted in your mouth – light as air!

New City Microcreamery

Check it out the process!

New City Microcreamery 4

On the left, sesame almond tweel topping made with cinnamon from Dubai. On the right, baklava and sweet corn ice cream topped with corny flaky junk.

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

New City Microcreamery

28 Main Street, Hudson, MA

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