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IMAG0240_1Modern Pastry is a family owned bakery in the North End, located across the street from Mike’s – a little less well known to the tourists…but those in the know go here for their cannolis. They recently renovated the space next door and opened a brand new space around Easter.

IMAG0245The new space is much larger and brighter – it might tear some tourists away from the line out the door at Mike’s. While they do have more space, they don’t offer a lot of seating – and people tend to linger at what few tables they do have.

IMAG0244Make sure to stop at an ATM before you get here though, they only take cash!

IMAG0242They have a beautiful line of pastry cases, lined with just about any kind of cake or tart you can imagine.

IMAG0241They offer cannolis, Italian cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and more!

IMAG0257The tiramisu was delicious!

Who do you think has the best cannolis?

Modern Pastry

263 Hanover Street, Boston, MA (North End)

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